16:08 minwith sound


A fan for our Milffotzen

Well, now really cool how many users and fans recognize Tina and me on the street and speak to us. Here I was on the road with my sweetie on Mallorca and indeed someone recognizes us again. He was really so perplexed, especially when he invited us to his finca and we immediately agreed. So he got his first threesome. In his super horny finca we first sucked his cock hard and he played on my big boobs. Then he put Tina on the kitchen table and licked her wet cunt while I was working on his cock at the table. He was also very cool with his hands and really got us going with our fingers. Of course, I also wanted to taste Tina’s hot pussy juice and stuck my tongue deep inside until she came. Then we sucked the guy's eggs and let us taste the hot juice. So talk to me if you see me on the street, who knows what will happen ... Kisses Julia
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