14:42 minwith sound
Well what can I say, the woman Doc Pink had to help again a "patient" ... Diagnosis - EXTREME semen jam ... And who can help better than me? First I sucked him his really thick cock really hard. Licked and then sucked his balls, until the first drops ran out of his dick. Then I rubbed his hard on my expiring cunt and UPS somehow he stuck suddenly without gum in me .... what me at the moment it did not matter. Then we fucked like crazy until he pressed me on the back and with 3 fingers my pussy worked so until I hosed really cool. Everything was totally wet and he fucks me right away then right through again. Then he pushed me his thick dick deep into my throat and he licked me as a thank you mine horny asshole. Then I sucked him really hard his balls and let me taste the cum .... I think - the patient is cured :-) Kisses Doc Pink
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